Wooden Earphones

When shopping for a new pair of earphones, customers are presented with a plethora of different brands with different designs and price ranges. Sometimes this choice can be overwhelming, and that also goes for the choice of materials used in making the earphones. Usually, we expect some combination of metal and plastic, but there is also one pretty unconventional material, as far as earphones go – wood.

Wood has been used in acoustics for quite some time. Its properties have long been known, and that’s why speakers are often made of this material. Furthermore, concert halls are equipped with wooden panels, but for earphones, using wood comes as a bit of a surprise, since it doesn’t have such a long history.

Wood vs. Conventional Material – The Effect on Listening Experience

One of the things you might be wondering about the wooden earphones the most is just how they affect the listening experience. Is the sound that they produce better or worse than conventional earphones made of plastic or metal? Well, since wood is a natural material, it enhances the resonance and it vibrates in a harmonious way. Furthermore, wooden earphones feature a very natural sound across the mid range, as well as a slightly softer treble when compared to metal earphones. As for the bass, this type of earphones tends to have a deeper and warmer bass, which will appeal to many people.

Types of Wood Used

There’s quite a selection of wooden earphones, and we’re not talking just about the design, although that might be priority for a lot of consumers. The wood itself comes in a variety of colors and finishes, but when it comes to the actual type of wood used, there’s also a vast choice. For example, you can get earphones made of oak, or even mahogany. The latter features a nice, dark finish which makes earphones look very luxurious, even if the price may not reflect that.

Other options of wood used in earphones include cherry wood, which features a more distinctive finish and color, if that’s something you’re interested in. We also have walnut earphones, which are pretty versatile in terms of design.

Wood as a Style/Fashion Statement

Wooden earphones definitely stand out among the more conventional earphones, which are usually made of plastic and/or metal. And they’re not necessarily expensive, although one would think so, just by looking at them. Although, one thing is true, manufacturing wooden earphones is more complicated than making conventional earphones, as it takes more time to work with wood.

Wood comes in all kinds of different colors, so it’s pretty versatile in terms of complementing different styles. A nice pair of wooden earphones will go great with pretty much any outfit. You can even go a bit more luxurious route and use mahogany earphones, but other options are fine, too.

And it doesn’t just have to be earphones. Wooden headphones will display the wooden components even better, as they are bigger on the headphones. You can express your individuality and have custom-made design on them. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.


As with conventional earphones, it’s hard to suggest just one pair of wooden earphones that would be deemed “the best”. Different people have different priorities, and of course, there’s the matter of price.

For those wanting something simple and inexpensive, Wasserstein offers their Premium Genuine Walnut Wood In-ear Noise-isolating earphones for just $12.99. Handcrafted from real walnut wood, these earphones also come with their own carrying pouch…


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