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Click ‘n Dig Model E4 Key finder 

If you’re looking for a good remote keyfinder to help you every time you’re confused about where you’ve put your keys, you might want to look into the Click ‘n Dig E4 key finder. Among the better remote key finders today, the Click ‘n Dig E4 is a color-coded keyfinder which comes with one remote transmitter and four receivers, of which two have key-chains and two are flat for other items such as wallets, TV remotes and toys.

Click 'n Dig key finder types

How it Works

The Click ‘n Dig Model E4 keyfinder uses radio waves to determine the location of the receiver. Once you’ve attached one of the receivers to your keys, you can rest assured that the phrase ‘I’ve lost my keys’ will never pass your lips again. Here’s how it works: when you press a coloured button on the remote, the remote will transmit a signal at a frequency of 433MHz.

This signal will be intercepted by the corresponding-colored receiver, which then emits a beeping sound ranging from 90 to 105 decibels: loud enough for the human ear. The range of the Click n’ Dig E4 is between 60 and 80 feet, so you can comfortable find your keys even if they’re in the next room.

Who Uses the Click ‘n Dig Key finder

The Click n’ Dig E4 is an evolved version of the Click n’ Dig RFK-1004, which only had two receivers. This model is the epitome of style and functionality for many demographics: families with kids and pets, people with Alzheimer’s and other memory ailments, nurses in hospital wards and college kids who just can’t remember where their stuff is. Some parents also attach receivers to a child’s favourite toy just so it can be found before there’s any fuss.

Features of the Click ‘n Dig E4 Model Keyfinder

There are so many different types, brands and models of remote key finders on the market today. What sets the Click n’ Dig E4 apart?

Color-Coded Receivers

Color-coded receivers are an interesting feature of the Click n’ Dig key finder. This aspect of the key finder makes it very easy to find any item with the same color code, thus making it among the more popular remote key finders, especially with parents and children.

Signal Transmission

When it comes to signal transmission, the Click n’ Dig E4 is among the best in the market. All you need to do is hold down the colored button corresponding to the receiver and voila. Beep, beep! Blink, Blink! The sound is quite clear as is the corresponding blinking of the LED in the receiver.The transmitting remote is thus very accurate within its radius, which is a big plus for this remote keyfinder.

Remote Keyfinder Range

Unlike Bluetooth keyfinders, direct radio-wave key finders tend to have a longer radius of search, with the Click n’ Dig E4 radius going up to 80 feet.So if you’ve lost your keys and can’t remember where they are, all you need to do is press the button and you’ll hear the beeping even through obstacles such as walls and even through cushions.

Keyfinder Design

For any keyfinder device to work, it must comprise of a transmitter and a receiver. The Click n’ Dig E4is designed with four receivers, so you can easily find four of the items that get lost the most! Be it your hamster, your TV remote, your keys, your wallet or even your phone: If it has a receiver stuck on it, you’ll find it. The receivers are all slim and stylish, and come in four colours: red, blue, green and purple. The key-ring receivers have a width of 3/8 of an inch, whereas the two adhesive receivers are a quarter of an inch in width. These are ideal for attachment in a wallet pocket or the back of your remote. The design is also indicative of quality.

Key finder thickness

No Apps, No Hassle

Given that there are a lot of Bluetooth remote key finders on the market today, why would anyone want to use the Click n’ Dig which works via basic radio technology and uses a transmitting device rather than a Smartphone? Here’s what you’re thinking: I’ve lost my keys and I need to be at work in twenty minutes. Will you use valuable time looking for your phone, opening the Bluetooth app and then tapping on the button that will transmit the signal via Bluetooth or will you just click on your Click n’ Dig transmitter and get that instant beep and blink back from the direction your keys are in? The latter makes more sense, which is why more and more people are opting for this keyfinder.

Pros and Cons

The Click n’ Dig is an electronic device which comes with quite a few expectations on the part of anyone who goes for it. What do these people get out of this remote keyfinder? Let’s take a look.


  • Slim and Stylish Design
  • Good range of discovery – 80-foot radius from transmitter to receiver.
  • Four receivers – This number of receivers is quite ideal for most people with a few very important items. Also, Click n’ Buy offers more transmitters and receivers for the same unit on their website in case more of either are needed.
  • Reduced interference from other devices – If you have a receiver attached to your smartphone, the radio-waves emanating from it could interfere with the radio signal transmitted by the remote keyfinder. However, with a new antenna design, the Click n’ Dig E4 has overcome this issue.



  • Replacement of batteries – The Click n’ Dig E4 keyfinder uses an A27 12V battery for the transmitting device and CR2032 batteries for the receivers. The CR2032 may lose charge faster, especially if the receiver is connected to an item which keeps disappearing such as a remote or a set of keys.
  • Sticky Adhesives – Two receivers have double-sided adhesives for attachment to items. Over time, the adhesive may become less sticky, thus causing the receiver to fall off. Possible solution: superglue.

The Click n’ Dig Model E4 keyfinder is a time-saver for most people, who would rather use it immediately than even try to look around for their keys, especially in the mornings. As a remote key finder, this device with its attractive features and many pros gives you one less thing to worry about: key hunting!

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