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Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie Review

The Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie is a deep-grey winter hat with headphones built. This beanie is ideal autumn and winter gear for every demographic and is wearable technology at its coolest. It comes in a nice shade of charcoal-grey and has a wireless range of up to 33 feet, which means it’s ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Bluetooth Connectivity

It offers Bluetooth Version V4.1+EDR, which is among the latest versions of Bluetooth available on the market. Bluetooth 4.1 co-ordinates its radio with 4G, which means that Smartphones having 4G will not have an alternate signal which interferes and corrupts Bluetooth connectivity, but will be within the same range of frequencies: between 2.402 GHz to 2.480GHz.

In-Built Microphone

While other Bluetooth Beanies may have only earphones built-in, the Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie also has a in-built microphone, which is ideal for making and receiving calls hands-free. This is especially useful for sports people specializing in winter sports that require helmets over the head, commuters on buses and trains in winter and college kids who spend a lot of time outdoors. Also, with Bluetooth V4.1, both transmission and sound clarity are very good, which is another plus for this winter hat with headphones built in.


This Bluetooth knit hat is quite technically designed to provide warmth and comfort. The charcoal-grey knit effect on the outside makes it aesthetically appealing, while the inside is made for comfort and comfort alone. The soft fleece material made of an acrylic-polyester mix covers the head and ears snugly, giving you a buttery-warm feeling in the depth of winter and a cooling effect in summers.

Long-Run Battery

The Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie uses a battery that is standard Li-Ion and has 3.7V voltage and 120mAh power. This allows it to offer up to six hours of continuous play-back and talk-time, and up to 60 hours of stand-by. With the low-power Bluetooth chipset and bigger battery, this beanie is all set to go on and on. It can be recharged via a USB charging cable, which is included in the set, and takes up to 2.5 hours to be fully charged. The Tenergy Bluetooth beanie can be charged on the move using a power bank, but like any other piece of wearable technology, needs to be taken off before charging.

Removable Electronics

There’s a need to wash wearables after wearing them for some time, and the same is true for the Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie. Ideally constructed, this beanie comes with removable electronics for washing. The beanie has an open slot inside from which the Bluetooth speaker module can be gently extracted and then replaced after the cap has been washed.

User-Friendly Interface

As a winter hat with headphones built in, the Tenergy beanie has a good user interface. It consists of a leather patch which lies on the right ear and has the controls built in. To avoid confusion, the interface has raised symbols that enable you to map the buttons with your fingers.  With a touch of your finger, you can start and stop music tracks, begin and end calls, turn volume up and down, move back and forth on your playlist and power the Bluetooth circuit.

Stereo Speakers

The Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie is built with a stereo speaker with a 12.5mm magnet, which gives the sound produced a richness of texture as well as good clarity.

Who Uses the Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie

As with all other types of wearable technology, there’s a preference factor that comes into play when making the ‘buy’ decision. If you’re already someone who feels comfortable wearing beanies, then this Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie is right up your alley.

You can opt to try out a friend or family member’s beanie and see how you look and feel wearing it. The Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie is well-made, durable and goes with almost everything. Most demographics that use beanies include students, athletes, musicians and artists. Even if you’re none of the above, this Bluetooth knit hat may just be what you need to make a great fashion statement and get Bluetooth connectivity in one fell swoop.

Pros and Cons of the Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie

When it comes to wearable technology, there’s a thin line between what is loved and what is hated. Added to this is the fact that some features may not be ideal, thus creating a lot of negativity regarding a product or brand. However, when it comes to the Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie with its greater pros than cons, the product reviews are almost unanimous: Great!


  • Good connectivity due to the Bluetooth chipset V4.1 +EDR.
  • Nice fit and comfort, especially in cold weather.
  • Easy removal of headphone speakers and Bluetooth circuit for washing.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • High fidelity sound due to low interference from outside radio signals
  • Long battery life.
  • Stereo speakers which improve quality of sound.


  • The buttons on the leather interface take a bit of getting used to before you’re completely conversant.
  • The colour might be a bit sober, especially for artists and folks who want to make a statement!
  • The electronics in the beanie are not waterproof and some people may find it cumbersome to remove the unit before washing.

This Bluetooth knit hat is a good buy for anyone looking for a winter hat with headphones built in. With its vast range of attractive features, the Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie is one of the top tech beanies on the market. So if you’re on a Bluetooth Beanie hunt, the Tenergy might be a good place to begin.

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